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HQ of Guangzhou Ou Yi Co.,Ltd

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Maverick Interiors
Lead Designers Xucheng Su& Zhaowen Zhou Team
Interior Design Company Maverick Interiors
Client Ou Yi Group
Completion Date 20/05/2021
Project Location Tianhe District, Guangzhou, China
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Entry Description

The client,a leading enterprise mobile information service provider in China, is committed to providing efficient, safe and stable SMS voice communication and information services. This case carries out in-depth analysis of the corporate culture of Ou Yi Group, extracts the LOGO of the enterprise, and turns it into a spatial element, to enhance the correlation between the space and the enterprise, thus highlight the efficient, professional and dedicated image of the information service enterprise, and shape a multi-dimensional broad space with a great sense of future and technology.

The space applies the concise white and transparent blue colors. And the use of curves makes the space smooth, light and graceful. The reception desk background wall refers to the irregular and flowing outer edge pattern of the LOGO. The rise and fall of the curves break the traditional symmetry and regularity, giving the space a sense of flow. The reception desk is spliced with stacked sheets, full of rhythm and rhyme, which under the blue light, produces an illusion of hetero-dimensional space. The main lamp of the ceiling is presented in the form of a planet, echoing the shape of the whole LOGO.