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Ningbo Peacebird Fashion Center

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Lightspark Lighting Design Co.Ltd
Lead Designers Spike Jiang
Interior Design Company Highthink
Client Peacebird Group
Photo Credits Highthink
Completion Date 2021/04/30
Project Location Ningbo, China
Entry Description

The project is located in Ningbo High tech Zone, The building itself creates a collection space of 360 degree fully open office, internal and external double landscape, and the building is connected from top to bottom.
Peacebird group takes the fashion industry as the core development direction, As a fashion industry headquarters office, it should not only meet the functional needs of the office, but also stimulate the contact and communication between different brand departments of the group company. In the open office space, the lighting design proposes to adopt the form of branch lamps. On the one hand, it can be freely arranged in all corners of the space without conflict with the fan-shaped space. On the other hand, it echoes with the concept of building "bird's nest" to ensure the integrity of the design. After that, the illumination simulation review can meet the office illumination requirements. This design is recognized by the owner and interior design.