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Smith College Neilson Library

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Tillotson Design Associates
Lead Designers Tillotson Design Associates: Suzan Tillotson, Erin Dreyfous, Gabriela Grullon, Whitney Mire
Other Designer's names Tillotson Design Associates: Mark Kubicki
Architecture Company Shepley Bulfinch
Client Smith College
Photo Credits Nic Lehoux Architectural Photography
Completion Date 3/29/2021
Project Location Northampton, MA
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Entry Description

The approach was to have a subtle touch and put lighting only where it was needed and could be architecturally impactful. The view from the exterior is inviting while mindful of glare and overall brightness, adhering to Dark Sky principles.
The new jewel box volumes on either side of the historic library glow from within with curving arrays of downlights and decorative glowing pendants. The moveable library stacks at the core required a functional approach and were lit with pendant mounted lensed and louvered linear lights to provide important vertical light levels.

At the heart is the atrium with its large oculus and curved plaster wall which was evenly lit with a series of adjustable track lights mounted in a ring at one of the floor plates. It serves as a central, glowing presence and is geared for flexibility for future art installations. Rows of bookshelves around this feature are warmly illuminated to draw visitors into the space.
Classroom spaces are specifically designed and programmed to serve the highly technical needs of the modern classroom with multiple levels of control built into the lighting and A/V system to allow users to gear the space to their individual needs.