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Shanghai Songjiang In City

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company LEOX design partnership
Lead Designers WENYI GU
Other Designer's names XU ZHANG,EVAN,CHEN
Architecture Company ECE
Interior Design Company ECE
Client SCP Group &VanKe
Photo Credits ┬ęZiL ArchVisual
Completion Date 2021
Project Location Songjiang, Shanghai
Company Link View
Entry Description

The northern of Songjiang Incity is Songjiang College Town and the southern is residential area of the young, which extends the commercial position of "multi-dimensional dialogue world" and opens the exploration of deep dialogue with IP.
The landscape stairs upward from the first floor underground of southern atrium are covered by dazzling light film and flexible screen, guiding people's view and mood. At the end of the stairs is Mad-Eye, an AI cyborg on the ground floor. Under a bright 3000K light color, it is shining and follows your steps to roll "eyes", which can reflect your image.
While the fourth floor of northern atrium, the most two-dimensional one uses the very cool colors?6500K) to light to echo the IP device, giant jellyfish central CPU.
After opening, it is very popular among the young, becoming the hot points.