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Blanchardstown Shopping Centre

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Willie Duggan Lighting
Lead Designers Willie Duggan
Other Designer's names Carolann Kelleher
Architecture Company Altu Architects
Client Falcon AM
Photo Credits Jamie Hackett
Completion Date June 2021
Project Location Blanchardstown Centre, Blanchardstown, Dublin
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Entry Description

Blanchardstown Centre is Irelands largest shopping centre. In approach to the renovation, lighting was highlighted as key importance to improve the “feel” of the space, which felt dated and uninviting. Our brief was to create a bright and inviting atmosphere, particularly in the non-day lit areas. A central element of the design was to use colour temperatures to give unique character to different areas of the shopping centre and provide seamless transition between these, leading to a coherent shopping “journey”. Cooler colour temperatures were used in daylit space while warmer colour temperature was used to create a warm feel in the timber batten “non daylit” areas. To connect these transition areas were introduced using backlit barrisol ceilings helping the make the movement from daylit spaces, to cosier timber batten areas a seamless experience. Long perspectives were maximised though use of a rhythmic criss-cross arrangement of suspended linear fittings against dark ceilings, creating drama and interest. Bespoke “totem” lighting features were created at each of the entrances create a stylish first impression, as well as a memorable beacon guiding orientation.