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WAKO main building renewal

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Lead Designers Atsushi Kaneda
Interior Design Company SHIMIZU CORPORATION
Client Seiko Holdings Corporation WAKO Co., Ltd.
Completion Date 2020/8
Project Location Tokyo, Japan
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Entry Description

Wako,a 90-year-old masterpiece and symbol of Tokyo's Ginza, famous for its clock tower.
We were responsible for the lighting design when the fa├žade and almost all the floors were completely renovated in 2008.The concept that has remained unchanged since that of a "high-quality, noble space" with "the next 100 years in mind".We have been involved in the overall lighting planning and technical supervision of the project.
This time,in order to further develop the current situation,I was involved in the technical service for the window displays and the lighting design for the sales areas on the first and second floors.
At the time of the total renovated, the use of LEDs in large retail buildings was rare at the time,so the use of hybrids was promoted, but in the current refurbishment, the noble look of the building was not changed, but the use of LEDs was further developed.
The illumination intensity and light distribution were also changed, and the control systems evolved to a style more suited to the modern age.
The Wako building has unchanged for 90 years. The symbol of Tokyo Ginza, Wako will continue to stand there with its eternally unchanging space and ever-evolving technology.