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JunFangHua - the Elderly Community Centre

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Poetry Vision & Art Design
Lead Designers Yang Yun, Tian XueYi, Chen Ke
Architecture Company Shanghai TIANHUA Architecture Planning & Engineering Ltd.
Interior Design Company MOD Architectural Design (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Completion Date 2021.10
Project Location Shanghai, China
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Entry Description

JunFangHua - Elder Community Center Club is a mixed-use development with multiple functions of residence, leisure and social interactions for seniors. As age increases, visual functions of the elderly degenerate, leading to weaker abilities to perceive as well as identify light, information and space. In accordance with the needs and features of the users, the indoor lighting is designed in the following aspects:
1)Using light source with high color rendering (Ra>90) to present high-fidelity lighting;
2)Using deep-cover embedded anti-glare down lights to reduce direct glares;
3)Using certain colors at some key areas to improve visual experience, enhance excitement and memorability;
4)Enhancing contrast for further visual stimulation in areas such as steps, entrances and corners;
5)Using warm white light for lighting (3000 K) in consideration of the interior materials and ambiance.
The overall pertinent lighting design provides a more comfortable, appealing, convenient and sweet public space for the everyday life of seniors.