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PSHKN business space: Media art installation in the lobby

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Expolight
Lead Designers Mykola Kabluka
Photo Credits Expolight
Completion Date 1/12/2021
Project Location Dnipro, Ukraine
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Entry Description

PSHKN business space is a business center with full biodynamic lighting. We wanted to create an atmosphere, as if it would reflect the biorhythms and emotions of people, apparently for the time being. So the passers-by took the cold nib and drank it into the other space. For this world, biodynamic lighting was developed, in which contrast, brightness and colour temperature change with the passage of the day.
Closer to the evening, we will increase the darkness and “spread” between the hall for additional light. We also developed a media art installation with unique content, which visualises the dynamics of people's energy at different time of the day.

We have created unique 3D content: at the beginning of the day, there are calm dynamics for a sudden turn of water; in the daytime, there are more swedes, which predict the movement of electrons, and in the evening, meditative lava lamps flow. And at the same time, by changing the light scenarios, It create different attacks in the expanse of the day. Biodynamic light in the hall is synchronised with the person's biorhythms and helps to adjust to an active work or recovery.