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Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Foco Luz E Desenho
Lead Designers Junia Azenha and Ana Karina Camasmie
Architecture Company B.CO Arquitetura
Client Zee.Dog
Photo Credits Pedro Mascaro
Completion Date November 2021
Project Location São Paulo - SP, Brazil
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Entry Description

Aiming to be more than a store, Zee.Dog Temple seeks to be an unusual space for pets and their owners. With the slogan “connecting dogs and people”, the project features four floors, with different spaces and products on display. Each floor has a different proposal for lighting and ambiance, providing different sensations to users.
The lighting design project started with the desire to design lights contained in the architectural elements of the building, focusing on the floor light lines and product display. It was also important to think about the light at different heights so that both dogs and humans could be contemplated. One of the challenges was to standardize the lighting in environments with contrasting finishing, so that different sensations could be felt, without causing discomfort.
The facade of Zee.Dog Temple was a challenge itself. Made of polycarbonate, the idea is that the facade stands out in the landscape, stark white during the day and evenly backlit at night. Like a large light box for the city, it invites those passing by the street to follow the lines of light that connect the sidewalk to the access and get to know the immersive space.