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KUMAMOTO Piccadilly

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Mist Light Design, LLC
Lead Designers Misa Kinoshita
Other Designer's names Kou Kinoshita
Architecture Company Atelier koma
Photo Credits Ikuma Satoshi (Techni Staff)
Completion Date 23 April 2021
Project Location Kumamoto, JAPAN
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Entry Description

The project in Kumamoto, Japan, is the movie theater where a primitive black-and-white world is a key to being evoked in the monochrome movie in memory.
The team's essential goal was to bring the ambiance like a lawn plaza where people gather to have fun or solely relax. We created a delicate balance of light and shadow, like the shadows under the clouds. People would find each favorite illuminance space. The vivid color of the movable advertisements and people overlay above the black-and-white, giving different freshness every time.
Most lighting fixtures and other facilities were intended to be installed in the recessed black zone to be a clean impression with minimal quantity.
At the 8-meter high foyer, we fill indirect lighting from the top and cast the light with the super high-color temperature of 9000K using tunable color lighting fixtures. Since the people's eye perception set 4000K as the white from the beginning of the sequence, 9000K becomes blueish and plays like actual daylight from the skylight into the space. Also, the foyer lighting is programmed to dynamically transit the color temperature from 9000K to 2500K according to the theater operations.