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Coffee Shop

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Think L Studio
Lead Designers Sebastien Panouille
Other Designer's names Jason Nicholls
Architecture Company Perkins and Will
Interior Design Company Perkins and Will
Client Nemesis Coffee
Photo Credits Ema Peter
Completion Date June 2021
Project Location Vancouver, BC, Canada
Entry Description

The projects architecture is organic in nature, with the exterior structure evoking the petals of a flower and the interior following a similar form, offering a fantastic opportunity to take a unique and fluid lighting approach.
We started by gathering the project design criteria including the desired aesthetic. Fabric fins lining the inner ceiling softened the space and with the Architect’s team, several mock-ups were completed, helping both teams take a direction on which luminaire to use, the fabric that was preferred, and how the lighting would be integrated. The chosen luminaire was specifically used as it had the capability to bend in multiple directions and work with the compounding curves of the ceiling architecture, while meeting the client’s budget.
Layering light was achieved by first installing the flexible LED strip adjacent to every other fabric fin, thereby producing an ambient glow. A second layer of light consisted of accent lighting throughout the restaurant with suspended LED cylinders strategically mounted above the tables, decorative luminaires above the serving counter and task lighting for the back of house area. The result was a consistent experience between the front of house and back of house which can be observed while sitting in the restaurant looking through the glazing that separates the main hall from the coffee roasting area and the kitchens.