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Fusion Fitness

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company RDesign International Lighting
Lead Designers Guojian Hu&Raymond Lee&Wong Mei Shan
Other Designer's names Xinyan Liang&Mengnian Zhao
Interior Design Company IOD
Client Fusion Fitness
Photo Credits Fusion Fitness
Completion Date 2022.7
Project Location Shenzhen
Entry Description

The Fusion Fitness is a modern fitness brand that combines light installations and interior design to bring unique experiences to its members.In each space the interior design, lighting and acoustics have been carefully designed to match the activity of the space.The interior design uses natural wood finishes in the static zone to promote calmness and the lighting is soft and even to promote light and open feeling.The "skylight" grid installation is a tribute to the James Terrell’s seamless light spaces,which provides a healthy lighting method that is close to natural skylight.
Lighting is interactive and can respond to the music so the light and music can be combined in the space and adjusted to the trainer’s needs.Whether it is the release of enthusiasm in a group exercise class,or the softness and calmness of a yoga class,with appropriate lighting and music rhythm,it can give the most immersive 360 experience,allowing space users to concentrate more and enjoy the training time.
To uplight the walls in Free weights room an uplight is placed along the top of the mirror which wraps around the perimeter of space.