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Mix Power Fitness Center

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Shenzhen Qianhai Lucent Lighting design Consulting Co., Ltd
Lead Designers Zhao Ning
Other Designer's names Xu XinHuai
Interior Design Company Beijing Vega Arts Co.,Ltd.
Client Beijing Mix Power Fitness Co., Ltd.
Completion Date 2021-12-1
Project Location SunLiTun, BeiJing
Entry Description

Different from other fitness center, Mix Power advocates the combination of technology and future life. In order to create an immersive sports experience of intelligent technology, multiple functional areas are connected organically, forming an open and relatively independent relationship in space. A rhythmic space is created for members to meet their diverse needs, a space with the integration of business, sports and leisure.

Lighting encourages people to participate and enjoy the ambience in a spiritual level. Lighting gives more respect to the principles of interior space by understanding of material and light. In terms of lighting design techniques, more light is transmitted from the material, so that the interior space can be displayed in a very friendly way.

Comfortable and energetic space, gives people opportunities to exercise, relax and enjoy life with health.