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Grapevine Main Station

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company GMLD
Lead Designers Granville McAnear
Other Designer's names Guillermo Lopez
Architecture Company Architexas
Interior Design Company Architexas / Studio Outside - Landscape Architect
Client City of Grapevine
Photo Credits Granville McAnear
Completion Date March 2021
Project Location Grapevine, TX
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Entry Description

Grapevine Main Station is a $114-million-dollar public/private sector transit-oriented development project. Warm 2700° Kelvin LED sources were carefully integrated into architectural details throughout exterior facades. 8 different elevations of lighting effects graced the clock tower, including in-grade linear recessed grazing uplights at the base, sconces, linear uplighting in the crown, RLM gooseneck signage accents, grazing uplights in tall recessed brick panels, the backlit glowing clock faces, column arch uplights at the observation deck & corbel accents at the dark wood eave. The ambient illumination for the hall are powerful asymmetric 2700° Kelvin uplights concealed in the steel truss intersections, washing the warm hardwood plank ceiling. Exposed marquee festoons with warm-dim bulbs line the bottom of trusses to evoke a festive atmosphere. Large chandeliers with a ring of decorative warm-dim globes bring light sources closer to a human scale. The ballroom features chandeliers & sconces for the first layer of ambient illumination. Warm-dim architectural cove lighting provided the soft glow for the space while recessed warm-dim downlighting carried direct lighting to tables