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Tokyo World Gate Kamiyacho Trust Tower Facade, Landscape Lighting

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Lead Designers Atsushi Kaneda
Other Designer's names Hiroko Senda
Architecture Company Yasui Architects & Engineers, Inc. / Kenchiku Setsubi Sekkei Kenkyusho. / SHIMIZU CORPORATION
Photo Credits TAKAHASHI Nao / Haruka Uchino
Completion Date 2020/3
Project Location Tokyo, Japan
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Entry Description

As the name of the building suggests, the most important aspect of this project is to represent a 'gate' to the city center.
In addition, it was decides to proceed with the design based on three key words when carrying out surveys of the surrounding area.
First, was ‘harmony'. The upper floors are a hotel, thus light leaking from the windows was likely to be warm-colored. The facade lighting was based on warm-colored light. We also carefully considered the harmony with the color of the exterior materials.
Second, was ‘feng shui'. To express the gate, indirect lighting was arranged in the shape of a gateway. From the lower floors, key points of the facade were illuminated with highly efficient, ultra-narrow beam lighting fixtures.
The last key word is ‘forward-thinking'. The area around this district is undergoing large-scale development. Our lighting techniques put emphasis on being faithful to the unique character of the building and consideration to the project's philosophy of ‘sharing the Japan brand' and ‘contributing to the local community.’
This building is seen from our office. We believe we have created a timeless design for one of the buildings that the Tokyo nightscape.