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PSHKN business space

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Expolight
Lead Designers Mykola Kabluka
Photo Credits Expolight
Completion Date 1/11/2021
Project Location Dnipro, Ukraine
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Entry Description

The task was to take into account the historical development of the city center and highlight the stylistic unity of the lower part of the building and the old architecture with light. At the same time, it was necessary to “dissolve” the upper modern high-rise part of the building, which is located in the depths. At the same time, it was essential to making the façade recognizable.
For the lower part, we used light bleeds, reminiscent of the “lava lamp” effect. More chaotic, complex, and smooth overflows than precise orthogonal movements. The dynamics and colors of the illumination change during the evening: the later, the warmer and more soothing these waves.
We developed a unique lighting design to “dematerialize” the upper glass part of the building. We used robust luminaires with special extra-narrow optics, which, with narrow gliding beams, will reveal the planar shape of the facade. The content algorithm is such that it is constantly moving, and no more than 20% of the facade contours are visible simultaneously. Due to this, the shapes of the building resemble a mirage or reflections of the setting sun in the evening sky and are not read as building edges.