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BEI Zhaolong Hotel

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Beijing Bamboo Lighting Design Ltd.
Lead Designers Zhou Lili, Bai Wanjun , Li Chaoran
Other Designer's names He Mengxia
Client CapBEI Longteng Hotel (Beijing) Co., Ltd
Photo Credits Zhou Li
Completion Date 2020-01-02
Project Location Beijing,China
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Entry Description

The urban-renewal project repurposes the supportive business functions of main hotel building and its auxiliary buildings to form a small-scale, functionally complementary business complex.
The project is designed under the concepts of inheritance and innovation to cater to the new consumption era.
Drawing on the cultural connotations of the main structural building as a landmark and in combination with its functional orientation, the design allows the main building, skirt and auxiliary buildings to be represented differently as a way to convey their different functions and the attributes of the compositional language of the architectural design itself.