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Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Lead Designers Lara Elbaz and María Gildemontes
Architecture Company AGi Architects
Client EXPO DUBAI 2020
Photo Credits Gerry O'Leary - Dany Eid - Jesús Granada
Completion Date July 2021
Project Location Dubai
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Entry Description

Taking the message of Expo Connecting minds and creating the future as a basis, we designed a lighting project for The Opportunity Pavilion that conveys the feeling of a future to dream of through a landscape of light that changes as we visit the site. Dynamic lighting transmits activity and guides visitors while layers of warm light create a welcoming Piazza. Above it, the Canopy is conceived as clouds in which the diffraction of sunlight produces a magical iridescence. To mimic the daytime transparency, it is lit from within so light reflects on the structure and creates a prolonged spatial depth, allowing the sight to cross a space that becomes infinite. Due to their distribution and the colour composition, their perception varies according to the viewpoint, making the visitor an active spectator. The careful choice of colours in each scene as well as the way they mix from one layer to the next and interact with the structure and the fabric, transmits a variety of emotions as we navigate through the pavilion and its surroundings. The final lighting effect is a powerful yet subtle and elegant composition, imprecise, intangible and diffuse as are the clouds in the sky.