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Expo 2020 - Al Wasl Plaza

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Office for Visual Interaction
Lead Designers Enrique Peiniger, Jean Sundin, Ramy Makhaly, Markus Fuerderer, Rachel Barrow
Architecture Company Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture LLP
Client Expo 2020
Photo Credits Hugo Healy, David Lloyd / SWA
Other Credits Landscape Architecture by SWA Group
Completion Date 10/01/2022
Project Location Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Entry Description

Dubai Expo 2020 was the first event of its kind to unite the region. Its astounding architecture and grounds continue the Expo’s unprecedented legacy to serve as a symbolic and practical enmeshing of cultures and thought. The complex’s centerpiece is Al Wasl Plaza, an organically engineered intersection of contemplation, enlightenment, and hope.
Auspiciously located at a unique intersection of humanity, Dubai is the global community’s natural meeting point. Appropriately nicknamed “Al Wasl,” or “the connection.” Al Wasl Plaza is a grand public realm that served as a central hub to the Expo’s three thematic districts.
Visitors gather in the Plaza’s comfortable microclimate and multipurpose landscape. At sunset, the massive 70m [230 ft] tall, 130m [426 ft] wide trellis transforms, encasing a hybrid digital projection surface, immersing the Plaza into kinetic splendor.
The trellis is faceted with a series of PTFE mesh panel rings fitted with video-controlled 2,518 LED pixels at intersections. Together, these elements create the largest 360-degree immersive projection surface in the world, upon which video+light activations are visible from within and outside the Plaza.
Al Wasl Plaza is a new global landmark and a place of significance where all are celebrated. The advanced, seamless lighting design brings that unifying narrative to life in vivid detail to tell our human story.