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Royal College of Physicians at the Spine

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company BDP
Lead Designers Chris Lowe
Other Designer's names Nick Meddows
Architecture Company AHR
Interior Design Company AHR
Client Royal College of Physicians
Photo Credits Paul Karalius
Completion Date 2020
Project Location Liverpool
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Entry Description

The Royal College of Physicians has been designed to the WELL standard, which implements and measures features that support human health and wellbeing. It is a groundbreaking, world-leading example of biophilic architecture.
The lighting design creates an intimate and diverse scene; a welcoming, vibrant environment with focus on flexibility.
The entrance atrium is split over two floors connected by a feature ‘College Steps’ style staircase. Flooded with natural light during the day, during the hours of darkness the space has a different feel, celebrating key architectural elements using a range of lighting treatments. The green wall has been washed with light and the wooden balustrade and stairs highlighted by integral lighting. Direct downlighting is within the slatted ceilings while integral lighting to planter bases creates pools of horizontal light. In the exhibition area general illumination comes from linear down lights within the soffit slats, with accent illumination for exhibits from track mounted adjustable spots. The trabecular finish of the concrete columns is accentuated with illumination and multiple layers of light to the steps enable a variety of lighting scenes.