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Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Studio 2Pi Architecture
Lead Designers Panagiotis Papassotiriou
Other Designer's names HUB Lighting & Innovation by Kafkas
Architecture Company Studio 2Pi Architecture
Interior Design Company Studio 2Pi Architecture
Client NEON Bakery & Coffee
Photo Credits Pygmalion Karatzas - Kirill Samarits
Completion Date 2019
Project Location Dalamanara Argos Greece
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Entry Description

"Under Motion"

Renovation and refurbishment of an existing old taverna. Positioned along a National Highway and defined by the constant flow of people and goods. Existing building consisted of adobe walls and a timber roof with byzantine tiles as covers.

Not being able to intervene in the original sell we cladded the walls with a “fine dress” made from wavy perforated aluminium sheets that can accommodate all the ancillary infrastructure supporting the facades. Sliding doors, gutters, lights, etc. Existing walls painted white in order to disappear behind the new façade.

There has been a conscious decision to minimize the visual information that the eye receives in terms of geometrical forms and an effort to maximize the purity of the existing volumes. Travellers have very limited time to register the information of the building when passing by so light and colour becomes very important.

During the night the building shines and the diffused lighting behind the perforated sheets imitates a lantern. Calm but visually prominent, our efforts were focused on showcasing and highlighting the building itself and not to use signs or other means to invite new consumers.