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Tianjin Vanke Binhai Metropolis No.1

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Beijing Puri Lighting Design
Lead Designers Fang Hu
Client Tianjin Vanke Real Estate Co. LTD.
Completion Date 01/2020-04/2020
Project Location Tianjin, China
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Entry Description

As the crown of the city, the top of the tower building is a symbol of integrating the entire building into the city. According to the characteristics of the building structure, we set up floodlights on the top to highlight the scattered tower crowns in an orderly manner.

As a part close to people, the facade along the street mainly depicts the details of the building, allowing people to feel different and delicate atmosphere at night. According to the characteristics of the exterior facade of the bases at the bottom, we set up spotlights and linear lights in the key and distinctive structural parts, emphasizing the delicate layers of the building.

We pay more attention to quietness of the inner courtyard.

The overall lighting of the building is mainly 3000K, and the soft light is used to clarify the building's luxury properties. According to the functional attributes of the overall project, the light and dark levels are considered separately, so that the lighting of the whole project is more orderly, and the whole creates a superior night lighting atmosphere.