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Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company YAMAGIWA Corp.
Lead Designers Tomoko Doi
Other Designer's names Hirate Kenichi
Architecture Company NIHON SEKKEI, INC.
Interior Design Company NIHON SEKKEI, INC. TERADA HIRATE SEKKEI(Sign Graphic Design company)
Photo Credits YAMAGIWA Corp.
Other Credits TERADA HIRATE SEKKEI(Sign Graphic Design company)
Completion Date August,2019
Project Location TOKYO,Japan
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Entry Description

“Otemachi PLACE” is where the Japan Post Group has its headquarters.
The reception conference room of the Japan Post Group is located on the third floor.
The ceiling of the reception room is decorated with "postage stamps," one of the corporate images, as a sign graphic. Inside the building, the brightly colored ceiling welcomes visitors, and from the exterior, the three types of postage stamps depicted on the ceiling in three corporate colors float across the ceiling, creating an impression of the company's presence.
The lighting fixtures installed within the transparent glass partitions that maintain the continuity of the ceiling and the upper lights from the custom-made lights installed in the center of each room provide a fairly uniform light that maximizes the appeal of the sign graphics.
The custom-made lighting is designed with attention to detail, including a cantilever and suspension structure that eliminates support materials that obstruct the view, a frameless underside luminescence, and a cross-sectional shape that is the same size as a postcard.