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Innovation & Entrepreneurship Centre

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company UMAYA Lighting Design
Lead Designers UMAYA Lighting Design
Interior Design Company HOK
Client Zayed University
Photo Credits Design Infinity
Completion Date 2021
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Entry Description

The interior design revolved around the notion of a wadi, Arabic term for valley, where knowledge, collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurship ideas converge. The space is therefore influenced by organic forms; interconnecting events, features and spaces by undulating passageways which dominate the experience of the user.

The lighting design was planned around this same idea. A curated selection of decorative and bespoke lighting elements helps define spaces, provides character and contributes to the overall feel of flow and movement. More specifically, the implementation of acoustic moss light fixtures supported the biophilic design principles which were developed.

Finally, a secondary and complementary layer of technical fixtures provides the adequate lighting levels for the different tasks involved, while enriching the space with additional contrast, accent and vertical illumination.