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NIO Flagship House

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company FangFang Studio
Lead Designers Fang Fang
Other Designer's names Shi Hongcong Li Wei
Interior Design Company LUKSTUDIO
Client NIO
Photo Credits Wang Dachou
Completion Date November,2021
Project Location Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province,China
Entry Description

NIO house is located in Nanchang City,Jiangxi Province,China.It is the first new standard "NIO house"of NIO automobile brand.The first floor is used as the automobile exhibition hall, with two entrances from north to south,and the second floor is the reception hall,mother and baby room and other functional spaces.
We try to explore how different materials and light shape the mood of space,create a floating modern sense on the first floor,and create a sense of NIO technology.The second floor uses materials to divide the spatial functions into reception area and water bar area.The lighting in the reception area has two modes of negotiation and meeting.The dome shape of the water bar area pays tribute to Louis Kang's kimbel Art Museum. We use linear wall washing lighting to emphasize the atmosphere of the dome cage. From light colored terrazzo to wood grain, from floating to feeling a sense of stability, from display space to experience reception hall, it is a very interesting and profitable project to apply a variety of different methods in one space, and finally pay attention to humanized experience and details, so as to build a future advanced community with customers.