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Rose Villa

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company MartinDollerDesign/ Madestudio
Lead Designers Martin Doller
Architecture Company Saota
Photo Credits Adam Letch
Completion Date 2020
Project Location Cape Town, South Africa
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Entry Description

This contemporary home with its clean architectural lines and floating planes, softened with rich materials and textures nestled in an elaborate landscape setting, provided the optimum canvas to play with light to influence the experience and visual perception of this luxurious private residence. Our biggest lighting challenge was working with the vast amount of glazing to optimise the user experience from within but also provide the privacy with reflections in the glass from the outside looking in. Architecturally, the purpose of all the glazing, was to extend the interior spatial experience beyond the building to the exterior and landscape and I wanted to extend this experience into the evening with artificial light. At night, glass becomes a reflective barrier that not only creates a busy backdrop which tires your eyes but also limits the sense of space. To overcome this, we specifically underlit the glazing line on the inside of the building but over lit the area immediately outside to keep the glass transparent at night from the inside.
We used a technique of luminous layering concealing into the building to enhance the visual depth and texture of the architecture along with