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Nova Hospital in Jyväskylä

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Lighting Design Collective
Lead Designers Lighting Design Collective
Client Nova Hospital
Photo Credits Aaut Heikkonen
Other Credits Installation: Audico Systems
Completion Date End of 2020
Project Location Jyväskylä in Finland
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Entry Description

The Nova Hospital in the city of Jyväskylä, is among the
largest hospital projects in Finland. The first central
hospital in the country to be built in the 21st century, it
is also the country’s largest public investment.
LDC designed a calm solution for the landmark metallic façade. The expression is powerful without being a full size high resolution media façade. The aim was to able to express themes derived from Finnish nature together with communicative purposes or special events and seasonal changes. The challenge was to make the expression as minimalistic as possible but with enough capacity to create soft patterns and shapes, not just RGB colour play.

The façade lighting is intended to be an element present in the
everyday life of the hospital, emphasising the exterior of the
hospital, and bringing the façade to life calmly, with themes of
nature and water. The light is intended to soften the view of the
hospital, especially after dark.