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Kwyet Sphere

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company OCL Architectural Lighting
Lead Designers Andrew Schainker
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Entry Description

Indtroduci the newest addition to the Kwyet family of acoustic pendants – Kwyet Sphere.

Yes… a sphere may be the most common and basic of geometric forms. Yet, Kwyet Sphere has been elevated, giving designers aesthetic versatility in both form and function where light meets sound in built environments.

Inspired by nature and the deep-rooted human desire for natural and organic forms, the Kwyet Sphere is a visual masterstroke – beautifully refined from all viewing angles. The subtle glow from the fully lit cylinder gently grazes the fins’ numerous edges and surfaces creating an intriguing gradient of light and shadow.

The unique fins are open in the center and curve out from the main body to allow the additional light to spill through. The negative space within the fins lends to a more elegant appearance by allowing natural light to spill through.

Make a major design statement in large scale space with ambitious, sweeping clusters and installations. Control sound reverberation in smaller spaces such as private offices, small conference rooms, sitting areas, phone booths, meeting pods or walkways