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XiKou YingMengLi Republican Style Cyberpunk Street in Ningbo ,Zhejiang,China

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company ShenZhen Golden Lighting Technology Co.Ltd
Lead Designers Jing Zhan
Architecture Company Ningbo Xinjingze Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd.
Interior Design Company Ningbo Xinjingze Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd.
Client Ningbo Xinjingze Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd.
Photo Credits Jing Zhan
Other Credits Jing Zhan
Completion Date July 2022
Project Location XiKou in Ningbo ,Zhejiang,China
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Entry Description

Let your eyes travel through the years in the scenery of the Republic of China, awaken the "urban spirit" that is difficult to capture, and build a creative light and shadow art story in which the spirit of the Republic of China and the ultra-future cyberpunk style coexist, and capture the ingenuity and feelings. During the day, the vibrant wall colors, intricate tiled walls, hand-painted signs and elegant windows, or exquisite or dazzling, swagger under the blue bricks and black tiles, like historical fragments in the old days, people can't help but pick up things; at night , dazzling neon, wonderful music, wonderful song and dance performances set off a wave of unique and dimensional splendor in Madman Square and Zaikangqiao. The stories of the streets and alleys lead to the ultimate aesthetics of light and art, which makes people immersed in it.The dark date red wooden arch structure has changed its surface material properties to a coloured cast, while the four winged flying eaves are accurately complemented by light.the light peers into the deepest silence of history. The self-identity of the visitor‘s ’subject‘ begins to split into the self-ideal and the ideal self.