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Central Floresta

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company SEAM Design
Lead Designers Aticha Padungruengkit
Interior Design Company PKHA Studio, Studio DS, A49
Client Central Pattana Public Company Limited
Photo Credits Courtesy of PHKA Studio
Completion Date 2020
Project Location Phuket, Thailand
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Entry Description

The nature-themed Central Floresta mall features carefully and creatively designed dramatic planted ceilings, to showcase Thailand’s ecological offering through unique sculptural, artistic and architectural installations.
At the entrance to the first-floor luxury brand zone, white Phalaenopsis orchids hang within a grid of bronze aluminium bars, with matching metal pendants that diffuse downwards through the translucent petals to dapple floral pattern silhouettes across the chevron-tiled floor.
On the level-two, leading to a series of trendy outlets, white coral-like structures nestle between acrylic rods and glowing tubes, draw visitors visually through the space.
Level three references Phuket’s local basket craft with assorted, steel and rattan boxes hovering within a dense tropical forest that’s permeated with Pink Bougainvillea. Simple pendants focus attention on the flowers and foliage, announcing the seating area underneath. Nearby at the lift lobby, foliage from tropical plants hangs between curved polycarbonate curtains and are illuminated by a perimeter cove to create a cloud-like effect.
Lighting highlights the forms and textures of these varied natural elements, emphasizing volume and depth, creating a distinct environment for each spatial and visual moment that goes beyond a surface treatment in each floor.