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Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
University Signify Lighting Academy
Lead Designers HIBA MAZHAR
Client The Dawood Foundation
Other Credits TDF Team for understanding importance of lighting design and for support in execution.
Completion Date 1st September 2021
Project Location Karachi, Pakistan
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Entry Description

Ever wondered of chemistry between two entities having completely different characteristics, like Sun and ice, resulting in prismatic glow, trapped within crystalline surfaces, and refracting its effect in surrounding. EuphoticA is interactive installation that captures moment of euphotic zoning and present it to viewer in form of art. Euphotic is quality when light tries to penetrate upper surface of different mediums like ice or water in ocean and refracts to form valuable source. Mechanism of EuphoticA revolves around behavioral quality of light having all colors enclosed in it, but it never shows ‘true-colors” until put into dense medium. That exactly what happens when sunlight meets ice, it travels inside deep crystals of melting ice and refract over surface and in surrounding creating prismatic effect within nature. The installation consists of chaotic mass-like-structure suspended from roof, as iceberg held underwater, formed with asymmetrical polarized pieces, plated with photographic film that allows light to be trapped and refract like crystals of ice. Magnificent structure revolves calmly in circular motion to mimic movement of floating-ice in ocean allowing users visualize different patterns and views every second due to asymmetrical formation of glass pieces. EUPHOTICA simply captures spectacular moment of light penetrating into glaciers that glow-out in spectrum