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Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
University University of Tehran
Lead Designers DANIAL Tolouei Aznave
Project Location Tehran
Entry Description

DaarBen is a collection of furniture and intelligent lighting that is inspired by trees and can be used in both urban and green spaces. Tables and chairs are designed to look like the roots and trunks of trees, and the canopy and lighting are inspired by the leaves and branches of trees.

As a result, this design is based on the memories, experiences, and interactions that many people around the world, regardless of cultural, societal, and geographical differences, have had with trees as a child, as young people, and as an old people. like going to nature, sitting under the trees, relaxing, having fun and playing, eating with family and friends, enjoying the fresh air, and taking a break from the stress of daily life in the city.

Daarben is designed to provide such a relaxing and calm atmosphere in today's fast-paced and stressful world, where stillness and tranquility have lost their meaning in cities.
It aims to create a space based on the tastes and needs of users to provide a psychologically private space with invisible borders.