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Rota Et Speculum

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company hanczar studio & Led Line
Lead Designers Szymon Hanczar
Other Designer's names Przemyslaw Slowik
Interior Design Company hanczar studio
Client Geberit
Photo Credits Dagmara Maroszek-Bzdziuch
Completion Date 28.09.2022
Project Location Warsaw, Zamoyski Palace
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Entry Description

In the ROTA ET SPECULUM project, the main medium was light and a mirror, and the presented objects were ceramics. Everything is located in the space of the Zamoyski Palace, i.e. the headquarters of SARP (Association of Polish Architects) in Warsaw. Its creators combined well-known bathroom products with a huge mirror surface, light and music. The work was unveiled at the Geberit Thinking Forward banquet, which was the culmination of the "Shigeru Ban and architecture for refugees" conference.
The Mirror Room was the designated place for the presentation of the work. The authors, wanting to emphasize the uniqueness of this place, reached for the mirror as one of the integral parts of the installation. Regardless of their motivation, the use of a mirror often makes it easier for artists to create narratives around their perceptions of themselves and objects.The mirror has helped to disenchant the "triviality" of the objects that were the individual models of sanitary ceramics.
Another medium that contributed to the installation was lighting. Cutting off natural light with internal shutters and limiting its source to one long, low-hanging luminaire above the objects, brought the objects out of the twilight in which the room was bathed. The color of the light could not be accidental - the blue color referred to the identification of the Geberit company.