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The fisherman

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
University Iran University of Science and Technology
Lead Designers Mehrzad Samadi, Ali Abdi, Nima Akbari
Completion Date August 2022
Project Location Iran, Kish Island
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Entry Description

The fisherman statue, 12m in height, is the tallest figurative statue in Iran and is located in Kish Island. This statue can be seen from a far distance and it was one of the most important reasons for us to choose it as a design target. People love to swim and be around the beach parks. For providing safety, the idea of illuminating the fisherman statue as an alarming agent passed our minds. As a result, to inform people about the level of wind speed/waves’ height, an interactive lighting system can be used to warn. To interact with the sea state, various types of related weather data could be used but at the final stage, the wind speed was chosen as the most effective. Using The Beaufort Wind Scale, for the level of wind speed and considering five colors as five stages of that, this concept idea is finalized. For this project, wind speed below 19 km/h will display cyan color as the calmest, 19-38 light green, 38-61 yellow, 61-75 orange, and >75 will display red color as the most dangerous. This process is tested and transforming live data into colors is shown in the last image. We also developed an idea of creating a wave-like pattern (caustic effect) to create a dynamic sense.