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HIMA Centre

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company LEOX design partnership
Lead Designers Sen Yang
Project Location Nanjing, China
Entry Description
The architectural design HIMA Centre is based on the concept of "mountain city". While meeting the various needs of modern life, it creates an integrated and vibrant space and realizes the spiritual harmony between man and nature.

As the Chinese phrase goes: "Appears as a mountain when looked at it from the front, but becomes a peak when looked at it sideways, it shows its unique features in different heights near and far." The lighting design closely echoes the architectural theme, grasping the characteristics and differences of each building, and emphasizing the expression of "mountain" and "peak", so that the night scene lighting in the area is unified and yet has its own characteristics.
Considering the balance between urban city and human nature, the dazzle of lamps is well hidden on the top of the building and the side viewing platform. Designers wish that it can bring peace and a comfortable experience to the busy townies, so as to achieve a harmonious coexistence between man, architecture and nature.

At night, the glare of the multimedia facade is strictly controlled. Lights flowing on the "mountain" like a waterfall, making the building complex aesthetically pleasing.