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Chengdu Shimao Plaza

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Tungsten Studio
Lead Designers Ming Zhong, Liangheng Tan, Zhen Tang, Wenyi Lu
Other Designer's names Aedas
Client Shimao Group
Entry Description

Inspired by the Longquan mountains and the rugged and winding landform, Chengdu Shimao Plaza skillfully combines nature and creativity, making use of the natural terrain to create the first "natural multi first floor" huge commercial space in Chengdu. Inspired by it, TS team created an ambient lighting atmosphere, just like a "natural romantic forest where fireflies in the dark night shuttle and breathe in bamboo lanterns". The energy of light shuttles through the whole building, dancing, symbiosis and breathing with the surrounding people.
Firefly lantern lighting is a warm light emitted from the gap of the curtain wall by three layers of indirect light of different weaving languages. The lamps are carefully integrated with the curtain wall design. Among them, some dot light are hidden to simulate the faint light of fireflies in the breathing gap. The highlight of Pandora's magic box lighting is that various changes and details inside the space are revealed from the cylindrical glass body, including the life tree, the structural lighting, the sky window light, indirect light lighting and other elements, which are combined together, making the transparent glass entrance infinitely.