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Jupiter Lamp

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Studio Greytak
Lead Designers Studio Greytak
Client N/A
Photo Credits Courtesy of Studio Greytak
Completion Date October 2020
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Entry Description
One of Universe Collection pieces, Jupiter is a lighted sculpture - Hand-blown white glass globe with swirls of reds and oranges over billowing calcite.

Jupiter is the king of the planets, powerful enough to emerge in the Sky before the Sun even sets. The Romans lent the mighty planet the name of their god among gods, and it reigns as the largest in the solar system. Studio Greytak renders the whirling, turbulent giant in aragonite complete with its signature color bands and sets it above a soaring landscape of quartz. Seek the wisdom endowed to these crystals by the ruler of the heavens himself.

“Every piece starts with the mineral. Where is it from? How does it form? What are its properties? Nature does the hardest work. We always respect that.”
-- John Greytak, founder of Studio Greytak

Universe is an exclusive collection includes furnishings and lighting pieces that truly capture the beauty of a million years in making - created by the rarest gems and minerals with the best craftsmanship. Through natural materials and meticulous design, each piece explores the universal forces at play on the Earth, in the Sky, at Sea, and in Space.