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Lazer Line Suspension

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Pureedge Lighting
Lead Designers Gregory Kay
Other Designer's names Derek Porter
Photo Credits PureEdge Lighting
Completion Date 2/18/2021
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Entry Description
Our innovative patent-pending Lazer Line Suspension creates a paradigm shift with how we use lighting and design within the environment. Lazer Line an LED lighting system that can traverse from wall-to-wall or wall-to-ceiling, up to 60 ft. before refeeding, with no visible pixilation. It utilizes heatsink tape which is fastened and tightened by turnbuckles plastered into the wall or ceiling for a seamless look. Lazer Line allows the light to go up, down, or both, achieving ambient uplight and also functional lighting. It enhances any space with pleasant soft light and delivers designer quality color rendering and multiple color temperatures, including warm dim and tunable white, creating a space that is visually spectacular.