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Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Lead Designers Diana Sokolic
Other Designer's names Karla Kocijan
Photo Credits Karla Kocijan
Completion Date September 2021
Project Location Zagreb, Croatia
Entry Description
SOSA is a lampshade made out of Plexiglas. It is a circle, 60 cm in diameter, with 21 holes. It comes in 12 opaque and 6 transparent colors. Apart from the lampshade itself, one can add pendants - circles in different colors. With the variety of lightbulbs and multiple colored cables and bulb sockets, a person can make his own, unique pendant lamp or a chandelier. It is possible to combine more than one lampshade making light installations in countless ways. SOSA inspires and encourages creativity and individuality. Its dimension is adjusted to the size of the Plexiglas plate, pendant circles are made from the leftovers, so there is a minimum waste of the material.