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Company Candelabro SL
Lead Designers Natalia Guzmán Cortés
Other Designer's names Germiled Team
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Entry Description


One of the functions of this product is the air purifying tube.

The lamp has an internal system composed by a UVC tube; its objective is to purify the air. The way it works is that it sucks the air from one side and goes up through a filter made up of UVC light; at this point it eliminates the bacteria and fungi that may be present. Once disinfected, purified air comes out from the other end of the tube.

The second function is the use as a decorative lamp; a LED light has its entire circumference outside. If the lamp is seen from above, it has the shape of a halo, that is why we decided to call it that way.

As an extra for this product, we decided to integrate a R & D & i project developed by the company to cover its entire exterior. It is a surface treatment that can imitate any type of material, and can be applied to many materials. This coating allows light to pass through perfectly.

The surprise effect of this lamp is that both the base and the cylinder above will be covered with the previously mentioned material, so when the lamp is off it will look like a totem from which no one will expect that the upper part lights up.