UCLA Continuing and Professional Studies

  • Company
    Darkhorse Lightworks, LLC
  • Lead Designer
    Dawn Hollingsworth
  • Location
    Van Nuys, United States

The lighting concept was expressed with linear connections between spaces. The linear concept includes the multipurpose conference room and open office spaces. In smaller collaborative spaces indirect lighting accents the ceiling while a linear pendant task luminaire continues the theme over the conference table. Daylight integration with the control system allowed for various light levels during different times of day. The architect cut a hole in an existing building floorplate to create the double height commons. Theatrical lighting was used for flexibility and fully illuminate the wall graphics with enough light to balance the daylight in the space. The lighting was focused for graphics, seating and projection requirements. The control system facilitates multiple scenes. The vision was to create a 21st century office both functionally and aesthetically to support continuing and professional studies at a world-class university.