Students at the National Institute of Design, Gandhinagar in India; Neeraj R Jawale and Samriti Gosain talk about their winning project ORI.

January 29, 2021

Emerging Lighting Product Designer winners of the LIT 2020 Edition, Neeraj R Jawale and Samriti Gosain share their creative journey and dreams to bring ORI to life.

Could you tell us a little about yourself?

We are both students of the National Institute of Design, India. We are currently pursuing our master’s degrees. We love to create products and experiences which are meaningful and can impact human product relationships.

How did you discover your passion for lighting? What makes light magical to you?

Light can create experiences that can change the way you look at things. Light cannot just be seen it can be felt, it has the power to alter your mood is what makes it magical to us.

Your winning project is ORI – your everyday light; can you please explain to us, what was your creative journey? Where is your inspiration from?

ORI is a mood light lamp named after the hues of the sky at different times of the day. We, humans, have a very strong relationship with natural light; it benefits us in different ways. Among its many benefits to the human body, one is that it has the power to alter our moods instantly. The bright light from the day can boost our focus and energy and how soothing hues of sunset can put us in a relaxing mood. We wanted to create a light with the intent to bring those experiences into our homes. It gives users the freedom to select light from any time of the day and relish the joy of it.

Inspired by nature itself, ori’s form is derived from the Sun, leveraging the smart technology we wanted to create an interaction that is natural to us humans. The ring frame of the light is also a feather touch panel for regulating the light. The touchpoints are positioned on the frame like minutes of the clock; users can simply swipe their fingers on the surface of the lamp to select the hue of light that represents that time of the day. Now you have the freedom to create sunrise and sunset as per your desire.

It’s an attempt to re-establish our relationship with nature and in the process gives us the opportunity to admire it once again.

What does being the winner of the LIT 2020 Emerging Lighting Product Design of the Year title, mean to both of you?

LIT design awards hold great importance to us as designers. Getting recognition on the same platform where leading designers from the light design industry are awarded is a really big achievement for us, students! Winning this award will definitely prove to be a turning point in our careers and also it opens doors to a lot of opportunities, which is highly motivating.
It gives us immense joy to win the LIT 2020 Emerging Lighting Product Designer.

You are just starting your career as a Lighting Product Designer… what do you want to do next? What are your dreams?

This recognition has surely motivated us to work on bigger projects and explore more in the field of lighting and light product design.

We are now looking forward to collaborating with established designers and a few companies to bring Ori to life. Working with light is a transforming experience for us and we would now love to see its impact on other people’s life.

What are you working on now? Can you share a glimpse of your next Lighting Product Design project?

Our next project also focuses on creating new and meaningful experiences of light. We are investigating new ways in which we can interact with light which may redefine our relationship with light. It is currently at a very initial stage, we are looking forward to sharing it with the LIT family once it takes a promising shape.