Shahabedin Zeini Aslani – 2019 Emerging Lighting Designer of the Year Acceptance Speech

August 19, 2020

My academic life was focused on Design, first starting with Product design as a Bachelor, Interior Architecture Design for Master then Lighting Design for my Ph.D. at Edinburgh Napier University.  My researches were about “place, space, and sense of place” and their relationship with Lighting on historic sites. I am working to find the best way to combine research with practice to Develop Lighting Principles for Social Environments.  Behind Best Design is research!  Some topics I am working on are: What lighting characteristics and site aspects must be considered for lighting historic sites? What is the role of people in lighting a historic site? How light can be used in the process of place-making?

While my second research topic is about the philosophy of light in human history by focusing on Islamic philosophy such as Al-Ghazali and Suhrawardi. I am trying to find the connection between their idea of light in philosophy and the real world in terms of Lighting Design.

In parallel to my academic life, I decided to implement some of my lighting concepts, which lead me to win some international awards such as LIT lighting design awards, LAMP award, [d]arc awards, creative conscience awards, and Saint Petersburg light festival.

My approach to light is more than electric and psychology, I consider light as an important element of social life. I believe that social life is not only about people’s living in urban spaces with lighted skyscraper facades. In the Middle East and especially in Iran, many people live in under-developed villages, their residents also have the right to enjoy light to enhance their social life. I attempt to engage them, therefore, my research method becomes ethnographic, where I study people’s culture and daily life.