LIT 2017 Winners: Notes from the Jury

January 29, 2019

In January, 2017, the 1st annual LIT Winners were announced and celebrated; these include Waterlicht by Studio Roosegaarde, Flyte by Simon Morris, Monstera Deliciosa by Massimiliano Moro, and Henyx by Anna Tomschik.

The jurors participating in this article are 6 of our 14 LIT Jurors, including Reiko Chikada, Sara Schonour, Ellen Kathrine Hansen, Natalia Bystriantseva, Jurgen Chemelli, and Adele Locke. Please review and share their amazing feedback on our winning designers and their innovative projects.

“The winning LIT projects are fascinating in their conception, design, innovation and use of technology to create better spaces for our living. They communicate to people’s feelings without words, but with lights, shadows and colors. They reflect the harmony and richness of the ambiances and deserve the awards received as well as the consequent motivation to go on creating the new lighting of our time.” – Isac Rosenblatt, ABILUX, LIT 2017 Juror