4 Emerging Lighting Designers to follow

October 24, 2020

A new generation of lighting designers is coming into light. From living spaces to performing stages, lighting designs for the future are more organic, interactive, and tapped on innovative technologies available today. Discover the following four fascinating lighting creations among our LIT Emerging winners from 2018 to 2019.

  1. Meditate Rainwater

Prizes: Winner in Interior Architectural Illumination 2017


As idyllic green spaces are emerging, so as new designers who conceive innovative approaches to be created into real built environments.

The Meditate Rainwater is an embodiment of this concept of integrating natural resources into living spaces, and one of the most critical elements for the functionality of green spaces is lighting. The play of natural and man-made lighting enhances the oasis, especially with the bathroom area where a live tree is beautifully anchored and surrounded by equally enchanting illuminated spaces.

The encapsulated organic space welcomes natural light with its ceiling-high windows. The cascading windows allow daylighting to cast interesting angles of illumination into the loft interior.  This perfect surreal touch shifts as the day pass through the flowing plan seeping through dramatically into the unpretentious surfaces.

Designers Zih-Jing and Jhang-Jian compare the home to a fallen leaf on a pond of water, where the interior elements mirror this natural process of life. The building represents the leaf, and the pond is the pool of water. Just as raindrops bring new life, the home is a representation of nature’s continuous cycle of life.


  1. Monstera Deliciosa

Prizes: Winner in Light Art Project

Lead Designer: Massimiliano Moro

Utilizing light’s entrancing spectrum is the winning light art project Monstera Deliciosa. Backdropped in Palazzo di Napoli the autochthone plant lights and shadows are projected onto the surrounding ruins rejuvenating the historical space.

To attempt to define the display will depend on one’s perception of the beguiling showcase of lights and shadows making the visual experience more esoteric. Massimiliano Moro provided a space for the past and present to converge, a mingling of the inside and out, and a blur on truth and imagined.

The projected showcase of varying lights and shadows is a site-specific project made for Palazzo di Napoli. Plants cast a variety of imaginative forms and hues. Are you wondering about the name? Monstera Deliciosa interpreted as Delicious Monster is actually one of the plant displays. Also known as the Swiss cheese plant it sounds like the designer’s inspiration.



Prizes: Winner in Interactive Lighting Projects

Lead Designer: Josephine Wang

A peek into the future of sound interpretation via illumination the SPECTRUM is a multimedia installation where a 15’ x 8’ curved wall consisting of 800 LEDs is animated by sound. A microphone at the center is used for sound input. The sound frequency is then transformed into a light wavelength based on a set of algorithms. This means everyone will have a different lighting display, and musicians can see their creations from a visual perspective.

Designed by Josephine Wang, the SPECTRUM is a part of an experiment where its goal is to develop advanced lighting consoles and discover innovative applications of light and sound combination.

The project aims to develop an application beyond existing lighting consoles, to explore the potential characteristics of luminous and sonic environments, to experiment with the possibilities of human perception affected by light and sound.


  1. E Drum

Prizes: Winner in Interactive Lighting Products / LED Lighting Products and Fixtures

Lead Designer: Idan Herbet

Another novel application of the light and sound convergence is the E Drum is an interactive kinetic Electronic Drum set with a 330 cm diameter stage and 60 cm height. The E Drum has 3 metal rings where an outer ring is equipped with the latest ROBE lighting beam, 150 moving lights, and light blinders to add a punch to the already visually exhilarating experience. Each drum is highlighted with RGBW neon flex – dynamic pixel control (via DMX ).

Pounding in performance the drummer is amidst the three interlocking rings and under the stage are added effects such as cold fire pyro, smoke gazers, and Par LED that set the stage to illuminate. For a successful synced performance, a time code and MIDI notes are programmed. The whole setup of connecting light and sound created a stage to truly climax the drummer’s performance that is an immersive experience.