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6 Companies to Consider when Looking at Hospitality Lighting Design!

October 7, 2021

Lighting is the principal in enhancing the user experience of the hospitality industry. As illumination is a critical component, careful design is invested in ensuring that space takes full advantage of both natural and artificial lighting. A powerful medium needs a creative mind with expert understanding and team collaboration. You’ll have contractors to lighting designers, all with one goal of creating an immersive experience, unforgettable and awe-inspiring.

The following lighting companies’ amalgamation of lighting elements has successfully showcased the architectural elements they require and, at the same time, contributed to a cohesive whole. These six lighting companies’ masterful use of lighting have earned their works as the winners in the Hotel and Restaurant Lighting for the year 2020 by Lighting Design Awards.

  1. Neolight Global – Grand Plaza Mövenpick


The Grand Plaza Mövenpick boasts magnificent lighting spectacles that offer a euphoric experience from its spectators.

The Swoop – the eye-catching chandelier made of 3,500 hand-blown crystals that act as a spiraling centerpiece – sets a majestic scene upon entering the property’s atrium. Katerina Handlova created the artistic masterpiece, which was inspired by the flight of a bird, a simple concept whose aerodynamic intricacies are perfectly captured.

The lighting needs to complement and enhance how the spaces looked and felt during the day, evening, and night, as well as reinforce the architecture and interior design of a five-star property.

The lighting scheme meets every requirement of the brief, from a dynamic façade lighting scheme that draws attention to the architecture in a competitive location to the automated lighting scenes that run through the interior public spaces, each taking into account the space they illuminate. The restaurants’ feature lighting scenes that complement meal times throughout the day, lobby spaces reveal uplit screens that graze texture and materiality, lift lobbies softly glow through backlit lightboxes with inlaid metalwork, and the rooftop bar comes alive in the evening with edge-lit artworks, sparkling glass displays, and internally glowing onyx counters.

Company: neolight global
Lead Designers A. Mitchell, M. Eizadfar, G. Thornton, L. Columna
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  1. Expolight – Odesa Food Market


Studies have shown the correlation between light and how we choose and process the meals we eat. Designers of the Odesa Food Market take the dining experience to a whole new level by ensuring optimum comfort, and the right ambiance is achieved any time of the day.

The lighting designers have created different atmospheres with light and enhanced the interior architecture.

Restaurants often have different missions: some are dominated by the function of breakfast or lunch, others are created for the evening pastime. The task was to create the light that would provide comfort for breakfast when you need to cheer up, and for a business lunch in the middle of the day, and for an atmospheric dinner, when you want to move to intimate places and have a drink in a darkened bar closer tonight.

In the morning, the light is cool, flooding, and soft. By lunchtime, it warms up and gradually shows accent spots on the tables. The light becomes more dramatic in the evening, without a flooding effect, with the most contrasting accents and nuanced work with shadows.

We revived the central element of the tree with light and scaled it to the entire space of the restaurant. With the help of several light sources, one tree was revealed with picturesque shadows over most of the circular vault. We selected the optics and the location of the light sources for the widest possible contrast shading.

Company: Expolight
Lead Designers: Mykola Kabluka
Other Credits: Restaurateur Alex Cooper, Architect Slava Balbek
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  1. There’s Light Limited – Truman’s Social Club


Truman’s Social Club in London is housed in a large industrial building divided into three bays: the Brewery, the Events Space, and the Social Club. It was established in response to social distancing to create a space that accommodates a variety of seating areas that not only adhere to guidelines but also provide seclusion from other parties. With this in mind, the lighting design approach added much-needed warmth to deliver a sense of tranquility and community to an intentionally sparsely occupied floor layout, assisting in wayfinding and zoning.

The purposeful reuse of old fixtures saves money while also meeting environmental views on circular economy and ethical growth. Keeping the customer journey in mind, we wanted to create a festival-like atmosphere that echoed throughout the spaces. A striking canopy of suspended pendants marks the entrance and path out into the beer garden. In contrast, indirect lighting secludes large enclosed booths flanking the entrances and smaller ones beyond the bar area. The high-level lighting can be dimmed to focus on the interior design elements, such as the “roundabout” with green foliage and central bar, as well as the branding.

Company: There’s Light Limited
Lead Designers: Fabio A P Cristini, Darran Prior
Other Designer’s names: Hunter’s Daughter (interiors)
Other Credits: Colin Ross (photography)
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  1. Klaasen Lighting Design – VUE@OUE Bayfront Bar & Restaurant


The lighting design incorporates technology that allows for a seamless combination of controllable white light and unrivaled rich color combinations. It was decided to create a light show in this barrel vault ceiling in conjunction with the Marina Bay Sands light show, creating spectacular lighting effects and incorporating the dinners into the overall mesmerizing experience.

VUE@OUE Bayfront Bar & Restaurant used to be housed on the 19th Floor rooftop of the OUE Bayfront building and was closed a few years ago. Recently opened, it had recently gone a total makeover to become one of Singapore’s must-go, must-visit dining and bar establishments. The location is an unrivaled and magical draw to the public, with a stunning 270-degree view of the Singapore Skyline, the Marina Bay area, and its iconic Marina Bay Sands building. The interior designers maximized the space and volume to get the most impact and the best views and experience possible, combining a cozy, intimate dining experience with dramatic views of the skyline. In the evenings, Marina Bays Sands also has an hourly light show.

Prize(s) Winners in Interior Architectural Illumination
Company: Klaasen Lighting Design
Lead Designers: Martin Klaasen
Other Designer’s names: Amanda Yap
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  1. ILWT – Metropoli


Metropol, a stunning restaurant and project from Juskani Alonso Estudio, takes inspiration from Fritz Lang’s 1927 film Metropolis. The lighting spectacle was designed by ILWT and was created for Millesime GNP.

Utilizing the layers of lights and shadows, the space, made of 3D prints, represents the materiality and depth of the city. Various elements can be seen throughout the film, including the movie’s buildings on the walls. The flower centerpieces in Garden of Eden pay homage to the film’s expressionism.

Maria, the robot in the film, reinterpreted by ILWT as the “light giver” to the people to make the rebellion against the system, was conceptualized as the light giver for the restaurant as well; these stainless-steel fixtures on the tables were designed specifically for this restaurant, and together with the dimmable LED strips.

Prize(s) Winners in Ambient Lighting
Company: ILWT
Lead Designers: Miguel Vega / Juskani Alonso
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  1. MAW desain – Animale


As the name implies, it serves dishes inspired by land, sea, and air animals in Fusion Italian Mediterranean cuisine. It is a famous restaurant in Indonesia with its unlikely and imaginative architecture. This restaurant’s lighting design is critical since guests will be transported to various environments such as the sea, land, forests, caves, and mountains.

The element of the boat at sea becomes the main element in the reception area with sea nuances. The hallway leading from the reception area to the main hall is decorated in a navy blue and forest green color scheme. The concept of sky clouds is created using fluorescent light waves. The cave atmosphere is felt in the VIP room from the cracks in the ceiling with the selection of blue sky, the sun shining on the table by placing the spotlight there.

Warm colors are chosen with spots on each dining table in the main room with nuances of forest land, without forgetting other supporting elements that are also given a softer light. Lighting is used to highlight the shape of decorative hanging elements in outdoor areas. So that there are no other elements on the ceiling, a mini spotlight to the table is integrated into the element.

Prize(s) Winners in Ambient Lighting
Company: MAW desain
Lead Designers: Mario Widagdo
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Light is a technically difficult yet awe-inspiring medium that necessitates mastery of numerous and ever-changing disciplines. A lighting design practice extends far beyond concerns about visibility and horizontal footcandles to include the arts, sciences, and business of illumination design and implementation.

A project owner or even a designer may be unmindful of the benefits that an independent lighting consultant can bring to today’s design and construction processes.