Wexford Apartments

CompanyKLD Perth
Lead DesignerStan White/ Martin Klaasen
CategoryLight Art Project
DateFebruary 2015
LocationSubiaco - Western Australia, Australia
The initial inspiration was derived from the fact that the location was previously the Government print works. The artwork title, SPECTRUM, is a dual reference to the light streaming within the building by day and out on the street after dark. At night, shadows of the ink patterns are projected on the footpath, and in daylight, the building interior is bathed in a spectrum of colours and sun-projected ink shadow patterns. An installation was developed that could be concealed inside the building providing a double function; illuminating the artwork and providing additional lighting for the carpark on the inside. By locating the spotlights behind a beam they are also concealed to drivers in the carpark. From the outside this location together with aiming and lenses result in the glow of the artwork with projection of the patterns on the immediate pedestrian walkway. The use of LED technology and time control assures an installation with low energy consumption and little to no maintenance