Ambient Lighting

Kobe LED Wall

  • Company
  • Lead Designer
    Martin van der Linden
  • Categories
    Winner in Ambient Lighting
  • Location
    Kobe, Japan, Japan

The 4,000m2 Learning Centre is located in the basement of a hotel. In order to avoid a feeling of being boxed in underground we created this LED Wall that we thought would act as an artificial horizon. This LED is the first element that people will see when they enter the space. The wall runs along a corridor and also acts as a guiding principle through the space. The LED is placed behind a wooden slat wall and frosted glass which diffuses the light that changes slowly throughout the day. We programmed the LED with 5 different scenes that create a sense of passing time through these slow changing lights. Although the scenes are completely artificial we hoped that the slow changing of the scenes would help to get a special atmosphere to the space. We experimented with a series of mock-ups in order to create the scenes we were looking for.