Residential Lighting

Double Bay House

  • Company
  • Lead Designer
    Mark Elliott
  • Categories
    Winner in Residential Lighting
  • Location
    Sydney, Australia, Australia

In response to the clean & defined architectural planes, the lighting scheme is restrained and elegant, balancing planar washing, joinery integrated light, discrete functional light and timeless decorative fittings. Linear LED to the exterior screens plays on interior/exterior threshold and offers privacy to the occupants inside by creating a dense nighttime screen. Concealed warm uplighting to the timber clad soffit caps the external vistas, while uplighting to trees soften the rectilinear planar form of the facades and guides visitors to the front door. The verticality of the double height lobby is enhanced by narrow beams of light stretching up & down each timber blade, as well as the suspended cluster of glowing pendants. Ambient light bleeding from the timber bulkhead emphasizes the overlapping ceiling & floor planes, with linear light washing down vertical timber surfaces defining the perimeter of the spaces. Discrete downlights to artworks and task planes finish the scheme.