Residential Lighting


  • Company
    Concept Lighting Design Consultants Inc.
  • Lead Designer
    Ben Lin, Howard Tseng & Chunchu Chou
  • Categories
    Winner in Residential Lighting
  • Location
    Taiwan Taipei, Taiwan

This residential project located in a business district in Taipei Taiwan, adjacent to a park. The lighting design echoes the architectural concept, considering the relationship between human and environment. Lights, trees and the structures create a scene of terrace with mottled shadows. At night, the lights from terrace give the elegant and quiet sense for void space and represent the resident�s daily life. Using 3000K of lighting warms up the atmosphere of night. Balconies of different heights paired with fixtures of appropriate wattage and angle produce a plentiful lighting hierarchy. Floor lanterns warm up the terrace and blur the boundary between interior and exterior. Shadows from the tree projectors decorate the balconies, displaying the image of natural forest. By using lighting control system, the fa�ade lighting could cooperate with residents� daily schedule, saving energy, expending lifespan of light source, and, finally, reducing the burden on the users of maintenance.